Benn Harradine Media Analysis

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Today the media is everywhere capturing and portraying iconic moments each day for our enjoyment. Evolving from the simple newspaper into TV and radio, the media discovers new and interesting ways to keep us entertained. Australia has a special place in its hearts for sports. The media keeps us yearning for more as it exposes out favourite sportsmen and women in a positive or negative way. Benn Harradine is Australia’s first indigenous field athlete to represent Australia at an Olympic Games at the Beijing 2008 games. He holds the Australian and Oceania records for discus throwing. The media displays Benn as a hard working athlete who has the utmost respect and love for his family but on the contrary media can sometimes portray him as threatening on emotional.

Benn Harradine in image two (refer to image page) is displayed holding up a gold medal which symbolises the hard work that Benn put in to win the gold also giving him an opportunity to show the achievement to his country proudly. The …show more content…

From Benn’s facial expression we can interpret that he is very happy to spend the moment with his dad and to share his winning moment with his dad and his fans. The three people are facing towards the camera and it is a close shot. He shows the medal over his father’s shoulder and has his arms around his s dad’s and the news reporter’s shoulders which symbolise that his father supported him and his fans who watched him cheered him on. Furthermore, the photograph was taken in a studio which could be hinting towards that he was just interviewed or is about to be interviewed. In addition, Benn’s smile portrays relief, happiness and pride for winning this amazing achievement. The photographer who took this wanted to show off Benn’s love and respect for his family in a positive

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