Winter Olympic Games Essays

  • Essay On Ice Hockey

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    5. This is Men’s Ice Hockey and it is one of the top Winter Olympic sports in today’s Olympics. The basics of Olympic Ice Hockey are history about each Olympic Ice Hockey Games, ruling, and history of the sport. To help understand Olympic Ice Hockey you have to know the history of each of the past Olympic Games Ice Hockey. The debut of Olympic Ice Hockey was in 1920 when the men's had the first Olympic Ice Hockey Tournament. The Olympic Games at Antwerp was the start of a sport that has been played

  • Argumentative Essay On Figure Skating

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    Thousands of women have competed in the Olympic Games since women were first allowed to compete in 1900 ( When women first earned their right to compete in the Olympics, they still had to fight and regulate the games to be allowed to compete in all sports. 2012 was the first year that women competed in all event types offered in the games ( Almost 150 athletes participated in the Women’s Figure Skating events alone in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Figure skating was

  • Spiro Agnew Speech Analysis

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    On November 13th, 1969, Spiro Agnew, who was the Vice President at the time, gave the speech, Television News Coverage, about how news producers are becoming too powerful ( To successfully inform his audience, he uses many rhetorical strategies to keep everyone engaged and attentive. Agnew delivered an exceptional speech by using multiple techniques such as analogies, anaphoras, parallelism, and rhetorical questions to justify this problem to his audience. To help his audience

  • Essay About Snowmobiles

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    Everything You Need To Know About Snowmobiling By: Katelyn Merritt The first snowmobile was built in 1908 going by the name Snow Machine. In 1909 a man named O.C. Johnson was the first man to build a snowmobile that would actually go over snow. When the first snowmobile was built in 1908 it was originally built to haul logs in the snow. It was built in Waterville, Main. This large awkward machine resembles a locomotive, but it had a half track

  • Importance Of Love In Love With Hockey

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    But after a couple of seasons my parents wanted to have me more active than just street hockey and video games. Since my parents saw the interest I have in sports from always watching sports on tv with them also, my love and passion for hockey. My dad decided to put me in baseball during the summer so it could get me off the video games. Sports may not have always the thing I enjoyed but as soon as i tried it it became the thing i held dearly to my heart . But it was

  • Cool Runnings: Movie Analysis

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    In one’s business life and personal life, stress is something that will occur on a regular basis. The film Cool Runnings is a great film in exhibiting the experience of stress as well as the sources and consequences affiliated with stress. At some point in life the experience of stress will occur and discovering ways to cope or manage this stress are essential. This film shows various ways in coping with stress and also provides beneficial lessons that viewers can acquire and utilize in the future

  • Miracle: Movie Analysis

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    The Disney movie, Miracle, is a popular sports movie that follows a fictional tale based off a true story of the 1980 Winter Olympics men’s hockey team. The movie’s lead character is Herb Brooks, the head coach and mastermind behind the entire event. Some pivotal characters include the important players named Jack O’Callahan, Rob McClanahan, Jim Craig, as well as many others. The movie begins at tryouts, where there are almost a hundred notable players that were invited to showcase their talents

  • Miracle On Ice History

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    Miracle on Ice happed on February 22, 1980. It is when team USA defeated the Soviet Union in the semi-final men’s ice hockey game during the winter Olympics. It took place in lake placid, New York and would be one of the biggest and most important games America has played during the winter Olympics. It is called the Miracle on ice because the USA hockey team had to defeat the mighty Soviet Union amateur team, which was not an amateur team, but a team filled of professional athletes, while the Americas

  • Doping At The Olympics

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    Russia and Doping at the Olympics Doping has been a big issue in many sporting events. There are many athletes that get away with it and there are many who don’t. The Olympics is one of many examples where doping is a big issue. These athletes risk their careers when they use performance enhancing drugs. If they are caught before the event, they are not allowed to compete. If they are caught after the event, they must forfeit their medals and their records are erased. Sometimes, countries are banned

  • Miracle On Ice Analysis

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    The most inspiring story in my life had to be the movie Miracle on Ice. It 's about a 1980 USA hockey team that heads to the Olympic to win the gold. Around this time the United States were going through some tough times with Russia. The hockey team was led by coach Herb Brooks and his assistant coach Craig Patrick. Herb Brooks is a strange guy that knew the game very well. Was also the last cut for the 1960s USA hockey team. Being a coach was all he wanted to do. When he went to pick a team he didn

  • How To Figure Skating

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    not allowed to compete. Her skating career was on the line (Oprah). While Kerrigan sat around waiting to heal, Harding skated to victory at the U.S. figure skating championships. All that was left to do was hope she would be able to compete in the olympics (Oprah). Rumors

  • Informative Speech About Hockey

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    According to Sporting Charts, the New York Islanders recorded an average of 31.4 hits per game in the 2014-15 season. It is fun to hit people and even get hit. It boosts your energy and your teams. Also, the average amount of blocked shots in 2016 per game was 33.62. Everyone cheers when you block shots and it makes you feel good. Hockey is very physical making it the best sport. Lastly, hockey is the best sport because

  • Informative Essay On Snowboarding

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    Snowboarding is a winter activity that many people participate in all over the world. It has become such a huge sport that it is in the Olympics every four years. Snowboarding became very popular in 2000 and was also the fastest-growing sport in the United States with numbers reaching a total of just over 7.2 million people that participated in the new sport. However, people don’t just snowboard to go down hills, like skateboarding, snowboarding is considered a trick sport. Most of the participants

  • Ice Queen Research Paper

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    coined by an analyst at her great debut into Olympic figure skating, where her triumphant four-year reign until her retirement began. Following the Olympics, the “Ice Queen” continued to fuel her passion for ice skating and her thirst for perfection. She has never ended a tournament off the podium, making people call her a figure skating genius. This genius and so-called “Ice Queen” is South Korean Yuna Kim, who was nineteen during her debut into the Olympics. Even before her senior and international

  • The Blue Time Film Analysis

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    Beautiful Norway Nia Scott The film, The Blue Time, is a short film about the wonders of Northern Norway. The Blue Time is an official selection for the 4th International Motion Festival Cyprus of 2017 and was directed, filmed, and edited by Greg Dennis. Norway is a gorgeous country. When I lived in France for a year, Norway was initially on my list of countries to visit, because I'd heard of its beauty and visibility of the northern lights. Sadly, I did not get a chance to visit Norway and experience

  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Herb Brooks Miracle On Ice Speech

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    to those who lived it but for others to understand I must first give a complete background on that era in the US and how the team made the miracle possible. It all began in Colorado Springs, 1979 as Herb Brooks interviewed with the Unites States Olympic Committee of Hockey. In an era were the Cold War is going on and the Soviet Union is dominating the sport of hockey, Herb walks into the meeting demanding changes in the way the US hockey team prepares and trains. He shares his philosophy

  • Reaction Paper About Figure Skating

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    Figure skating is one of the most watched sports of the Winter Olympics. The first known example of skating occurred in Finland over 4,000 years ago. It began as way to get around and run away. While the first skates were just pieces of bone strapped to the foot, in the 13th century the Dutch developed steel blades. Jackson Haines, in the mid 1800s, was the inventor of the modern figure skating, and he attached blades with screws so jumps and leaps could be performed without the blades falling off

  • Miracle Film Analysis

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    The film Miracle portrays one of the most significant moments in U.S Olympics history. The thought of a group of college hockey players beating the “lab-made” Russians was almost inconceivable at the time. Although this sporting achievement was immense, the political significance of the Americans beating the Russians was far more significant. Following World War II, Eastern and Western nations faced geopolitical tensions, and eventually, entered into the Cold War. While the U.S and Russia never fired

  • Teamwork: The Miracle Team

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    Harrington passing the puck to Mike Eruzione and him scoring the game winning goal, this demonstrates great teamwork. Without teamwork, Miracle would not have happened. The Miracle team consisted of various players from various cultures. Craig you could say was the backbone of the miracle team throughout the Olympics. But, with teamwork comes sacrifice, and tons of it. Craig made a hand full of sacrifices in order to play in the Olympics. Sacrifices included losing his mother. His mother died weeks

  • The Shadow Effect Analysis

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    " Then it becomes easier to live that way. Like any habit it becomes easier to cultivate when we are around others doing the same. ~ The Shadow Effect by Marianne Williamson During these next two weeks, Winter Olympic Games are taking place in Sochi, Russia. I love watching the Olympics. For me it is a testament to the beauty of the human spirit. I am inspired by the incredible amount of dedication, discipline, and talent displayed by the athletes. All the effort and time it took for each