Beowulf And Grendel Comparison Essay

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One simple name, a name to strike fear
A name you wish you couldn’t hear.
Who’s to know how his life begun
Only one man, who’s power is strong.
His evil is wicked, his soul is dammed
He was cast down from all that was man.
He is the Devil, so colossal and depraved
Every single soul feared his rage.
But he needed a ruler, he needed a vassal
To rule his armies from to hell to high castle.
He created a beast
A demon so strong
He named him Eligos
With his staff that’s three pronged.
His existence was clear, his meaning was known
To wreak havoc on man and make them his own.
Lucifer gave him a gift, a steed so mighty
He took it from Eden, a garden so tidy.
He rode this steed with pride and smite
His body so twisted ‘twas like a foul deadite.
He sieged all castles small and towering
He ended his enemies all while they were cowering.
He could not be stopped, he could not be killed
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They are different because Eligos has a free will unlike Grendel, Grendel isn't the main monster in his Epic where as Eligos was, and lastly Eligos commanded an army unlike Grendel. The poem I wrote would be different if the main character was a hero because the hero wouldn't die and he wouldn't be evil. He would only help people and do good instead of killing and being a demon. My hero would not be created my Satan, he would be created by a more heroic father figure. Reading literature can help scholars understand other cultures because it immerses the reader in what those other cultures believed in and what their priorities were. It can help a reader get to know the culture and obtain facts about their lifestyle, habits, and how they function day to day. It is a very important thing to learn about other cultures because it educates us about the world today and how the world today functions and how all the cultures come together and make this world what it
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