Beowulf And Odysseus: An Epic Hero Comparison

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Merriam-Webster defines a superhero as “a fictional character with amazing powers”. In our culture, when we talk about a superhero, we usually imagine Superman, Spiderman, or Captain America. These are extraordinary people who show incredible strength of body and mind, value honor and glory, succeed, and are well-known/well-liked. Two fictional characters I think exemplify these characteristics are Beowulf and Odysseus.

Superheroes are not superheroes without strength of body and mind. Beowulf exemplifies strength of body and mind in how he never turns down a challenge and always wins a fight. Even at an old age, when he is met with the challenge of fighting a dragon, he agrees. This shows his bravery and strength of mind. Instead of being overwhelmed with the
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When his honor or glory is damaged because of other men inhabiting his home, he finds a way to discredit them and reinstate himself. It is expected for Odysseus to avenge himself on the suitors because they had made him look less than the perfect hero. This is one of the many ways that Odysseus is shown to value honor and glory.

Lastly, superheroes are always victorious. When you think about the idea of a superhero, you imagine someone successful and not a failure. Both Beowulf and Odysseus are mostly successful. However, Beowulf is never once described as making a mistake until the last battle he fought. Even so, Beowulf’s battle with the dragon cannot be described as a failure because the dragon is still defeated. Beowulf is mortally wounded in battle but through no mistake of his own. Rather, the author or orator says the reason of Beowulf’s death was because he was“fighting against fate”.

Odysseus makes many mistakes in the Odyssey. One mistake he makes is his boasting to the cyclops, Polyphemus. Another mistake is when he chooses to stay on Circe’s island. He seems to forget his men and loses much of his time during his stay with

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