Beowulf As A Hero Essay

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Many believe Beowulf to be a fearless and heroic character, though in reality, many of his traits and motives prove just the opposite. From defending the King’s citizens to slaying countless evil creatures, Beowulf may appear to be an extraordinary man of unimaginable feats. Upon further investigation, however, it may become obvious that Beowulf’s heroism proved itself unable to stand the test of time. Beowulf was written to be the perfect protagonist, but displays various flaws throughout the narrative that contradicts his heroic intentions. The character of Beowulf is portrayed to be a fearless warrior- one who has slain an infinity of monsters and demons. To many, Beowulf could be described as the true definition of bravery. In actuality, I believe that this reckless decision-making is brash and dangerous. For instance, Beowulf had already decided to travel to and defend King Hrothgar’s land without even knowing the full extent of the situation. In addition, Beowulf was unknowingly blinded by a fit of rage upon the discovery that Grendel’s mother had retrieved her son’s head and quickly followed in pursuit. I feel as though actions such as these are the reasoning behind Beowulf’s death- that because he rushed into the fight with the dragon, he soon faced his untimely demise. …show more content…

Selflessness is a necessary trait in all heroic figures, though Beowulf lacks even this essential building block of a respected man. After the introduction of Grendel’s mother, Beowulf states his belief that "Fame after death is the noblest of goals." As well as this display, Beowulf consistently disregards the concerns of his men while leading them into battle, whether it is the fight against Grendel’s mother at the lake or the final battle between his sword and the dragon. Even as he is stricken down, one of his last wishes was to be remembered and immortalized through eternal

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