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1. How does Beowulf character compare with other heroes you know about? When compared against modern heroes, Beowulf comes off as a more of a rugged dirty character. When looking at heroes such as Captain America or Luke Skywalker, both of these characters are never pictured as dirty. Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, is always pictured as clean and his suit never dirty, same thing with Luke Skywalker. Luke Skywalker grew up a farm boy on the desert planet of Tatooine and later became a Jedi Knight, he was never explained as dirty or foul such as Beowulf was. 2. How is your understanding and attitude impacted when Beowulf 's fight against Grendel is described from Grendel 's point of view? When the fight between Beowulf and Grendel takes place, seeing the perspective from Grendel 's point of view really shows how powerful Beowulf really is. When the fight is being described from Grendel 's point of view, it really shows how unrelenting and godlike Beowulf is. It 's described as Beowulf is using unrelenting force to defeat Grendel and really turns this into a one sided fight. 3. How are the exiles of the three speakers in the poems from the Exeter Book similar and different? The three speakers from the Exeter Book are similar in the sense they all wanted to return to a …show more content…

Both the characters of Beowulf and the Seafarer have demonstrated courage in their tales. As depicted in the story, Beowulf is willing to face every situation fearlessly and without hesitation. He knows one day he will be defeated but until then he fights until he does. Beowulf know 's when he dies, he will be remembered for what a great warrior he was. Another character who displayed courage this unit would be the character from the Seafarer. The character in the Seafarer faces a life at sea and presents the complications of doing so. He faces the harsh conditions of weather and might of the ocean. However, this does not stop him from preparing for every new journey that

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