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Beowulf, son of Edgetho, the greatest of all warriors and God’s Champion died in battle against a dragon, he lived through 80 winters and died in 600 AD on the Eve of Winter. A great dragon, which spewing fire and smoke from Hell, terrorized the people of Geatland sparing none and destroying all including Beowulf’s Great Hall. Beowulf, a right and true king to his people, fought the winged-devil and slayed him, but at a cost. The drake thrusted its tusks at Beowulf at a last attempt in battle, and it struck true into the Great King’s neck. He slowly died from his wound while being comforted by his cousin, heir,and truest of comrades Wiglaf.

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But not just any monster, a beast from Hell that was so vile that even the Almighty’s eternal love had no room for it. Child of Cain, Grendel the Terror of the Danes. Grendel terrorized Hrothgar, King of Denmark, and his great mead hall Herot. For years, the Nightmare Beast stalked up from his vile lair in the moors and terrorized Herot. He cut down Danes like wheat in the harvest and devoured them with a never ending hunger. Beowulf heard of Grendel’s raids upon Herot and went forth to not only save Hrothgar, but add upon his fame. He set out with his finest warriors and sailed across the sea to Denmark. He made a promise to the Ring-Giver that he’d either defeat Grendel or die in battle, it was for glory and fame that he fought, noble goals for a noble man. Once darkness fell upon Herot, Beowulf knew Grendel would come. Grendel’s strength knew no bounds, but he was still no match for Beowulf; to ensure and honorable fair fight, he stripped himself of his armor and weapons to fight the demon with nail and fist. Grendel came in and killed a brave Geat, but it would be his last. As soon as he dared to lay hands on Beowulf, the monster knew his time had come. Beowulf’s strength was so great that he could make the fearless have fear, his arms were like vices that squeezed the life out of Grendel. No matter how much the beast struggled, Beowulf would not let go; every bone broken, every cut made, and every …show more content…

After warring against the Swedes, Beowulf’s Gold-Giver and his son died, leaving the throne to the Great Hero. Beowulf’s rule would be glorious, as he proved himself to be a father to his people and great fighter against the enemies of Geatland. He grew older and by the time he was a greybeard, the age of heroes was at its end, with the only survivor being Beowulf. However, evil was not fully vanquished from this Earth, the Great Dragon arose to lay waste to Geatland. Beowulf was always a man who knew his destiny and wyrd; he must’ve known that this beast would preserve his name, but destroy him. He traveled with a small comitatus to face the dragon. The fight was glorious as tried to shield himself from the inferno and the razor sharp claws of the drake. It burned his shield to cinders and melted his sword to nothing. The beast’s mere presence was so fearful, that Beowulf’s band ran away, a disgrace to his name. All except one, Beowulf’s cousin Wiglaf still stood and rushed by his King’s side to defend him, a true warrior indeed. They were battling against hell-fire, but with God they overcame the dragon and Beowulf, with his last great feat he sliced the dragon in half with a dagger, separating evil from the world of men. Alas, his victory came at a cost, the dragon thrusted its tusk into the

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