Beowulf's Loyalty In The Heroic Code

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Loyalty, one of the main themes throughout Beowulf, is an important aspect of the Germanic culture. Loyalty in the Heroic Code is a bond between the king and his warriors; loyalty to the king is first above all, even family in this text. If the warriors lack the loyalty for their king, the urge to protect their king and tribe is diminished. Beowulf’s king, Hygelac, gave him permission to help the Danish king and his people. Beowulf exerts his loyalty to Hrothgar by protecting the king’s people, and killing Grendel. However, Beowulf’s intentions on defending the Danes are deeper than his own reputation; in fact the heroic Geat was devoted to the king, because of an old past. Ecgtheow, Beowulf’s father had killed the leader of the Wulfings tribe

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