Bert Cates Inherit The Wind

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We all have individual rights. For example, the right to believe in anything we would like to believe in without being persecuted or thrown into jail. We are entitled to have our own thoughts and opinions, but in the book Inherit the Wind written by Robert E.Lee and Jerome Lawrence we see that having your own individual beliefs or thoughts is unacceptable and wrong.
Bert cates, the main character of Inherit the Wind is an evolutionist teacher at Hillsboro public school. He was caught teaching Darwin’s theory of Evolution which is wrong for him to do so in the town of Hillsboro, it is against the law. When Bert cates taught about this subject he was caught and then later on thrown in jail for doing so. This rallied up all of the townspeople at the Hillsboro courthouse for a trial against Bert cates. The townspeople of Hillsboro “shun” the idea of believing in anything other than God. They believe that Bert cates should be found guilty because of his belief in teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution.
In the book Bert has a wife named Rachel who is the reverend 's daughter. Bert and Rachel love each other but the reverend sees Bert as a “sinner” he sees Bert as a person that would steer Rachel in the wrong direction. “No, …show more content…

In this town there was no respect for that which led the townspeople to close themselves off to anything that was not taught in the bible. It led Reverend Brown to lead the townspeople inadequately. The townspeople were relying on Reverend Brown to lead them and that is not wrong of them but the only problem here was that they did not know how to think for themselves. They were so closed minded to new ideas that everything outside the doctrine was wrong. To think freely is to be able to open your mind to new depths, it does not mean you have to agree to them or believe in them it just means that you are able to see out of the lense of someone

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