Journal Entries On Inherit The Wind

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Nicholas Grill
Mrs. Browning
English 10X
25 July 2017
Inherit the Wind Journal Entries
Question #2: Inherit the Wind reflects the Holy Cross core value of Hope through the actions of its main characters. The central conflict in this story revolves around a fictional court case against a high school teacher, named Bertram Cates, who taught his students evolution. This court case takes place in a Christian town, wherein the townsfolk disagree with the theory of evolution and feel like Mr. Cates should be punished for his actions. Throughout the rest of the story, Mr. Cates, and his lawyer Henry Drummond, hope to win this case in defense of Mr. Cates’ right to freely speak what he believes. After Mr. Drummond recounts a mournful experience in court, he offers Mr. Cates the chance to end the court case once and for all if he truly believes that he did something wrong. After contemplating the offer, Mr. Cates confidently replies, “No, sir. I’m not gonna quit”(Lawrence and Lee 52). Mr. Cates’ hope drives him to continue pushing forward through the court case, giving Mr. Drummond and his friend, Rachel Brown, hope that they will win.
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She struggles throughout the story to both listen to her father, Reverend Jeremiah Brown, and stand by her friend, Mr. Cates. During the beginning of the trial, Rachel pleads with Mr. Cates’ lawyer to just call the whole thing off. After hearing that Mr. Cates will not back down, Rachel’s struggle shines brightest when she asks Mr. Cates’ lawyer, “Can they make me testify?”(Lawrence and Lee 54). Her plea to the lawyer emphasizes how she cares about Mr. Cates’ outcome but still does not want to go against her father, who will want her to agree with him if she does

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