Louise Betrayal Case Study

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Betrayal 1.1 - Hurt 1.2 - Trust 1.3 – Forgiveness Betrayal Betrayal has been one of the most prevalent influencing experiences in Louise friendship, not only has it affected her emotionally yet, has also had a large negative affect on her psychologically. Nevertheless, she has learnt to become more understanding and sympathetic to others. 1.1-“”. On reviewing the transcript it is clear to see that Louise is very “hurt” by the bedrayal of her friend. Louise has been best friends with her friend for many years and to have her betray her has resulted in deep emotional pain/ hurt. Therefore, it shows that despite this period of betrayal happening many years ago, it demonstrates that Louise is still has strong feelings of hurt. Interestingly,…show more content…
Expectedly, Louise has gone through many positive and negative emotions during the time spent while being with her friends, so it is uncommon that she has reported a variety of different emotions which have been caused by her friends. 2.1 “anger” Louise’s referred indirectly to the fact that she found it strange how her friend tried to regain contact after the period of betrayal. Louise seems to be alluding to feelings of anger, as she feels that it was wrong of her friend to regain contact after she had betrayed her. I think she didn’t realise what she’s done (lines 667-668) We did have a bit of an argument about it (line 680) 2.2 “Regret”. Similarly to Louise’s feelings of anger she is also demonstrating regret. This could be linked with her thoughts of being too forgiving after her best friend had betrayed her. From simply accepting the fact that she just forgave her friend, Louise’s opinions on the whole situation soon changed; with her even admitting she may have been too kind on her best friend. This could be used to demonstrate her negative experiences of friendship, where she is undecided on how to feel towards
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