Biff And Happy Character Analysis

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Biff And Happy Loman Biff and Happy are both very much alike, their personality traits contain a lot of selfishness, laziness, arrogance and rather spoiled in many ways. Their father, Willy, want them to follow his footsteps towards the business world, but this plan fails for the reason that Willy let them get away with anything while they were in their early age. For instance, the flashback with his children shows his easy going with them. “WILLY (stopping the incipient argument, to Happy): Sure, he’s gotta practice with a regulation ball, doesn’t he? (To Biff.) Coach’ll probably congratulate you on your initiative! BIFF : Oh, he keeps congratulating my initiative all the time, Pop. WILLY : That’s because he likes you. If somebody else took that ball there’d be an uproar.” (Page 19, Act I) Although, this influenced more Biff rather than his brother Happy. He 's not only the huge, moronic character. Actually, he 's the main character in the book who demonstrates any genuine self-improvement. Of course, Biff is additionally defective, much the same as every other person. He could not graduate from high school, he could not hold a stable work, and he argues with the majority of his managers. All of this just because his father did not discipline him properly. “HAPPY : Well, you really enjoy it on a farm? Are you content out there? BIFF (with rising agitation): Hap, I’ve had twenty or thirty different kinds of jobs since I left home before the war, and it always turns
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