Bilbo's Greed In The Hobbit

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“Two sides of the same coin” is a common phrase found in many different subjects such as the Chinese Yin and Yang or the two sides of someone's family. In J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins, a small humble hobbit who enjoys the comfort of his own home, must go on an adventure (that’s not ironic at all!). While this hero may seem unlikely the other side of this coin would beg to differ, this is of course Bilbo’s Tookish side a hobbit line infamous for going on adventures and being fierce warriors. While his Tookish side may not be the most prominent side of his personality, it shows through at important times such as when he decided to join the dwarves on their campaign against Smaug, or when he tried to steal from large fearsome …show more content…

He approaches the fire carefully only to find that there were very large trolls that were complaining about how they had only lamg to eat and that that is all they'd had for the past few days. He quietly snuck up behind one of them and reached in its pocket to steal something (keep in mind that Bilbo is only half the size of a man but, the trolls are much taller than any normal man). Sadly, Bilbo fails in his attempt to steal from the trolls and is caught but, just attempting a feat like that especially for a hobbit requires such an immense amount of courage and apparently Tookishness that it cannot be put into words, and words aren’t a strong suit for the next thing that Bilbo escapes …show more content…

Without a hint of where to go Bilbo heads down the tunnel until he comes upon an underground lake where a creepy and mysterious thing lives, this thing is of course Gollum. Bilbo makes an agreement with Gollum that if he can come up with a riddle that is to hard then Gollu must show him a way out. The “riddle” that Bilbo stumps Gollum on wasn’t even a riddle at all, Bilbo simply asked,”What is in my pocket.” He did this after remembering that he had found a ring in the tunnel and slipped it into his pocket. Gollum gets very upset at this and instead of showing him a way out Gollum tries to eat Bilbo. Without thinking about it Bilbo slipped on the ring but, he tripped on a nick in the stone. Bilbo watched in amazement as Gollum ran past him without hesitation and started mumbling about another way out. Bilbo silently followed and found that there was an exit guarded by a group of goblins. Bilbo realized that the ring must have made him invisible and using this power he snuck

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