Binge Drinking Consequences

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“Health and Behavioral Consequences of Binge Drinking in College” and “Too Many Colleges Are Still in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” by Henry Wechsler, Charles Deutsch, and George Dowdall discuss the same topic: binge drinking in college. Although both of the writings have the topic in common, they are both written differently. “Health and Behavioral Consequences of Binge Drinking in College” is a scientific study on how many students are binge drinkers in college and what consequences rise from that while “Too Many Colleges Are Still in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” is a persuasive essay about what actions need to be taken in order to reduce the amount of binge drinkers in college. Even though essays serve different writing styles, they both deliver …show more content…

This essay serves a convincing and powerful tone about how “colleges have a serious problem with alcohol abuse among students, and it is not getting any better” (336). It mentions how colleges are oblivious to this issue, and the problem will be solved over time, which is not true because evidence shows that students have carried their drinking issues throughout their lives. This essay lists steps about how this problem can be prevented in college campuses, and it does include statistics, but it relies on persuasive strategies to convince the audience that steps need to be taken to reduce the large amount of binge drinking in colleges, especially with students underage. The essay also uses convincing statements such as “Colleges cannot claim to create a supportive learning environment where they support such behavior” (338) and includes repetition of words like “must” to show that action needs to be done about this problem that continues to happen every year. Therefore, to prevent this conflict, the essay offers a solution of recommending a weekend tour so students can see the shame on students’ face after a night of drinking, and colleges also need to acknowledge the dangers of alcohol consumption. Therefore, this essay relies on persuasive strategies with a convincing tone that it is possible to reduce the risks of binge drinking on college campuses, and not so long ago, people resigned themselves to smoke-filled offices and thought that little could be done to stop drunk driving

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