Biography Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Macey Jacobs Ms. Phillips English 11-3 18 March 2015 Dreams Do Come True Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.(MLK) left a mark on the world that can never be forgotten. MLK had a vision for the world unlike any others and in most ways he accomplished that vision. He led protests in a way that had never been done by, using nonviolence. Dr. King was able to change many places like Montgomery, Alabama. MLK had a way with words and was able to express his thoughts unlike most. MLK was in charge of many well known marches such as the Selma to Montgomery march. Throughout King's life, he worked to help minorities have a role in the society. Dr. King wanted to see a place where the race of a person was not a problem. King believed that with hard work, one day blacks and whites would be able to live in harmony with one another ("How Did Martin Luther King's"). MLK wanted the public to be aware of the racism that existed in the world. He knew that it was time someone did something about getting equal rights for everyone ("Martin Luther King, Jr."). Dr. King made it where the world was no longer separated by the colors of skin, but now where everyone was equal no matter the race. MLK was a voice to the African-Americans that was able to move mountains for them ("How Did Martin Luther King's"). Dr. King influenced the …show more content…

King was able to carry out this. MLK was a man who was determined to make the world the beautiful place it was really supposed to be. In history there are many protests that are led dealing with equality for all, but King used nonviolent peaceful protests to get his point across. Montgomery, Alabama was forever changed by Dr. King after his help with the Montgomery Bus Boycott. MLK knew how to express his thoughts very well and was able to draw in many with his "I Have a Dream" speech. King led a 54 mile long march from Selma to Montgomery to help African-Americans be granted the right to

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