Bipolar Disorder In Veterans

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Abstract Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness that diagnosed in patients who are in the military and has experienced traumatic events leading to this illness. There were many factors that were at cause such as age, gender, family history, marital status, and homeless. Each of these factors is causes to those who are veterans and researched have many have refused support and treatments. Veterans end up homeless not able to work which the causes the effects of Bipolar disorder. The typical treatment to help veterans come with antipsychotic medication, as many resourced to substance drug and the result in suicidal thoughts or even committing suicide. Bipolar disorder known as BD, Schizophrenia, or manic depression is one …show more content…

Events such as death, being wounded can mentally shut a person down, research has shown that traumatic events such as this caused veterans to end up homeless. Veteran affairs which are known as VA have treated more than 230,000 patients for serious mental illness such Bipolar Disorder and many patients have died about 13 to 18 years younger than the regular population Davis, C. L. (2012). There was a study for veteran participants for mood disorders (CIVIC-MD), and the purpose of the study was to identify amend individuals and treatment factors connected to harmful outcomes with Bipolar Disorder Copeland, L. A. (2009). Homelessness in VA patients with Bipolar were reported 12% and 55% in a lifetime, in an analysis there were current medication was freely associated with lower risk of lifetime homelessness (odds ratio [OR] = 0.80 per point range 0-4; 95% confidence level interval [CI]= 0.66, 0.96) Bipolar is caused by homelessness in …show more content…

Many Veterans that are diagnosed refuses treatment and said to be in denial of this disorder never adhere to antipsychotic medications for bipolar disorders Sajatovic, M. (2006). The research suggests factors such as age, marital status, gender, educational level, symptoms and side effects of medication combined with depression, anxiety, and stress with antipsychotic treatment adhere in individuals with bipolar disorder Sajatovic, M. (2006). Individuals who have entered the military at a young age, would most like have a different effect and react to situations differently than someone who has been in the military for many years. Marital status would affect someone more than if they are single, due to leaving family such as wife/husband and children behind. Many come straight after high school, which an individual may be less educated and not have enough knowledge about the military than veterans. Antipsychotic medications were commonly used to treat these individuals and it usually used for a long-term basis. There were about 45% that received treatment and were younger, and homeless Sajatovic, M. (2006). Because militants enter at such a young age and experience traumatic events over the years causes symptoms that lead to bipolar disorder and longtime treatments for veterans. In the end, many veterans end up homeless, using substance abuse and suicidal. In conclusion, Bipolar was known as BD, or schizophrenia has effects in veterans due to traumatic events, family

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