Black Code Of Reconstruction Essay

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The reconstruction was said to have brought a change. However, Newly free slaves faced many challenges, and whites in the south saw blacks as way less than they did before. Black codes were introduced as a way to give people of color freedom in a constitutional form. They were unique to southern states and they each had their own variation of them. It was a way to restrict the black labor force and freed people as much of slave status as possible. The codes stated that even though people of color have some rights, they are not entitled to the same political or social equality of white people. The code stated that if a person of color made a contract for labor /service or such thing, they would be known as servants, and the one with the contract …show more content…

He states that there is no easy and quick answer to his questions that it is something that must be observed and looked at with time and through time. He states that with the material given on the black code there is little to work with. He then talks about an argument presented by Du Bois about reconstruction and its benefits and how it is difficult say that the laws were kind of a personification of defiance to the north. Browning then states how it is equally difficult to agree that the code was an attempt to bring some sort of order of social and economic chaos. “White civilization by refusing to recognize the equal political rights of the blacks, and an understanding from the beginning that the negro should be made to know his place in social and economic order..” (472-473). I agree with browning, it is impossible for change to happen if you do not let it happen. In this case it was impossible for blacks to acquire rights when whites did not permit such

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