Blood On The Mountain Analysis

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Attended: Blood on the Mountain, February 21, 2017
On February 21, 2017, I attended the documentary film: Blood on the Mountain. This documentary film described the lives of coal miners in West Virginia, it showed the hardships coal miners went through to keep their jobs and their health safe from mining corporations. In relation to my class: Appalachia Studies I understood these hardships, it also made me aware of how these hardships affect the Appalachia region and the families of the coal miners. Despite understanding some of these hardships I will never be able to describe these hardships fully in their entirety, but I can relate these hardships to the course, Appalachia Studies to the best of my abilities.
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The coal miners also went on strike because of their health problems from coal mining because a lot of coal miners got Black Lung disease from mining in the coal mines. I remember in my Appalachia Studies class talking about this disease and the health problems of the coal miners and how mining corporations wouldn’t give the coal miners compensation for their health issues. Having prior knowledge of this issue made me wonder if the mining corporations really cared for their employees the answer is no. I discovered this answer from the documentary film, Blood on the Mountain in one segment were one of the owners from the mining corporation Massey, was interviewed he claimed that his employees got fair compensation, but the answer is no according to my Appalachia Studies class and the documentary …show more content…

Coal miners will always continue to fight for their rights to fair wages and health benefits. However, its apparent from the readings in class and this documentary that because coal miners were of a low social class often called hillbilly’s the mining corporations thought they could use them without giving them their full rights to fair wages and health compensation.
In conclusion, the documentary film: Blood on the Mountain brought me to some new perspective on what coal miners had to go through, but I was also able to relate to this film because I had prior knowledge of these hardships. It was interesting on what these coal miners went through and I am glad I got to be able to hear from two different informative

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