Body Image Is Bad Essay

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Skinny, beautiful hair, glowing skin and pretty clothes this style of a person is what the majority of us strive to be. But it sets such a high standard for people and leaves them unsatisfied with themselves. Then they are influenced by the way people treat them because of their size and the unrealistic expectation about how you should look like based on society's opinion. What is a body image? Your body image is how people picture themselves and how they think others picture themselves. It is basically how you feel about your body, and it includes your perception, imagination, emotions, and physical sensations. People are called too skinny or a little fat and that makes them question the way they think of the perspective of there own body.…show more content…
If someone really wanted to look like the model in the magazine they could work for it nothing impossible. The fact that people sit there and hate on a person with a flat stomach because they wanna be like them and or make accusations about their personalitys is the lazy way of making yourself feel better getting out of the work. Working for it though may be hard, but at the end you will be healthier and will have more self confidence. body images are portrayed as bad, but could lead to good things for people that just need a little motivation to because healthier and get a flatter stomach. The negative outcomes would be fat shaming or feeling so insecure that you force yourself to vomit and not eat your food which could lead to Anorexia. Based on the society s opinion and harsh harassment towards people that aren't the worlds ideal body type makes people try anything and everything, even if it's past their boundrys so that they don't have to be fat shamed. "I work hard to stay well below 14 stone --ten miles a day walking up and down hills, heaving with exertion, all so that I am not 'fat-shamed' by the generally lithe smug-monkeys of the south-east, who are also much richer than I am."(Liddle, Rod). People shouldnt judge just because others are differnt we should all live as
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