Body Image Research Paper

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We were born to be real, not perfect. Throughout our lives the media has constantly set standards for what is an acceptable appearance. Initially this has set an impossible goal for millions of viewers. A massive amount of people let their mind bully their body because they do not meet these unrealistic measurements and begin to suffer from disorders and bullying. “Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the “perfect body,” it comes from embracing the one we already have.” (Body Confidence Does Not Come) There is no such thing as a perfect body. The perfect body is an ideal image that people decide to obsess over to achieve. Body image is the positive or negative feelings you have about the way you look. The perfect body is defined …show more content…

(Body and Body Image) We teach kids to practice and learn the roles they will take on as an adult when we give them toys to play with. (Barbie and Body Image) That is why we encourage kids to explore their imagination with doctor toys, baby dolls, kitchen appliances, and building blocks and hope that someday they will fulfill the career suited for them. Popular toys such as the G.I. Joe and the Barbie doll have set impossible measurements for young boys and girls to admire. If the G.I. Joe toy was made to be at a human scale he would be “taller than the average man and have bigger biceps than any bodybuilder.” (Body Image Men) If Barbie were made to be at a human scale she would only be able to walk on all fours. She would not be able to physically lift her own head because her neck, that is twice as long as the average American and 6” thinner, supports her head. Compared to the average woman, Barbie’s waist measures at 16” whereas the average is at 35”. This means that her waist is approximately 4” thinner than her head, leaving room for only half of a liver and a few inches of an intestine. Also her fragile wrists and ankles would prevent Barbie from heavy lifting. Therefore, with most of her body missing, Barbie would not be able to walk on all fours due to these absurd measurements. Both the G.I. Joe and Barbie give children an unrealistic goal for them to try to

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