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In today’s world, many children born into this generation grow up with the idea that they are simply not worthy enough to fit in. Many times it branches from the absurd belief that they are not “normal” enough to be friends with the other people in school. 100% of the time it is not true, but what could possibly make children think this way? The actual definition of beauty is what matters is on the inside, not on the outside, meaning that you’re personality outshines your personal appearance. But, whether the source of this negativity is from bullying, family life, or just low self- esteem, it is harming this generation in many ways. An example of this is that practically every boy and girl is on social media in some way, which is a gateway …show more content…

But what if that person posting the picture is kissing her long- term boyfriend and is genuinely nice, plus secretly has terrible body image issues? When a girl or boy has body image issues, it is normally caused by the input of others. Calling someone you barely know “fat” or a “slut” not only adds to the intense anxiety they might have, but also adds to their hatred they might have towards themselves. The hateful comments people receive add up, and can eventually lead to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Real beauty is about self- acceptance and love. If a person has the strength to still call themselves beautiful after being tormented and bullied, then that is absolutely amazing. It is all about having self- confidence, but a key element is also being nice to others. Just by complimenting someone on their outfit or calling them pretty can change the way they feel that day. Being nice to someone is literally the simplest thing in the world, yet there are many people who only know how to be selfish and judgmental. People are so quick to judge others by their appearance without even getting to know their

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