Synopsis Of Linda Lawrence Hunt's Bold Spirit

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The book I read was called Bold Spirit by Linda Lawrence Hunt. Bold Spirit is about Helga Estby and her daughter Clara Estby’s walk across America. They traveled 3,500 miles, from Spokane Washington to New York. This took place after the 1893 Washington depression. Helga and her husband Ole needed money to pay for the loans they took out to keep their farm. If Helga could travel 3,500 across America under strict regulations, she would be rewarded $10,000 dollars from an anonymous person. Helga was a Norwegian Immigrant and mother of eight. When they reached New York, the person giving them the money backed out and so they walked across America for no reason. They also had to pay for a ticket back to Spokane. While they were gone, two of their kids died of disease. When they finally got back, their house foreclosed. The book ends when Ole gets a new job and builds them an even better house. …show more content…

Helga had a very strong personality. She was determined. Even though the walk to save her family was very much against her culture, she still did it because without the money, they would go bankrupt. Many of her friends and family was against this her strong personality kept them from interfering. Helga was also a very caring person. She cared deeply for her eight kids and only wanted the best for them. She made sure that they all had an education, which was hard to get back then. Clara was the other main character. She was very opinionated. It talked about one of the reasons Helga picked Clara to walk with her was because she often would be against her parents political opinions and would be interesting to listen to during their walk. Even though Clara had her own opinion, she was respectful of

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