Summary Of Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

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Into the Wild was written by Jon Krakauer and is a biography. Into the Wild is about a man named Chris Mccandless who separates himself from his family, friends, and all civilization. After college Chris Mccandless separates himself from his family and he goes into the alaskan wilderness to live alone. Chris Mccandless denies a car that his parents offered him and before he went into the wilderness he burned all of his cash in his wallet before he went into the wilderness. Chris Mccandless separates himself from his family, he doesn’t accept any gifts, and he has a conflict with everything around him. Chris Mccandless separates himself from his father, his sister, and all of society. Mccandless separates himself from his father. Walt Mccandless, Chris’s Father was the easiest one for Chris Mccandless to separate from because Walt Mccandless wanted Chris Mccandless to be normal and like everyone else but …show more content…

Chris Mccandless was destined to live a life of solitude and he didn’t want any help from others. Chris Mccandless was offered supplies by a man named Jim Gallien who gave him a ride to the stampede trail, Jim Gallien noticed that Chris Mccandless was not prepared for the endeavor he was about to pursue.(Krakauer,4). Chris Mccandless had a very good relationship with his sister Carine Mccandless. Chris Mccandless had to separate from his sister and she was going to be the hardest to separate from because Chris and Carine Mccandless had a very strong relationship. Chris Mccandless intended to go into the wilderness and live a life alone, which meant that he would separate himself from family,friends, and society. Chris Mccandless had a relatively easy time separating himself from his father because him and his father had very separate beliefs. Chris Mccandless separated himself from everything he knew and lived a life in

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