Biography Of Clara Barton

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Clara Barton, who grew up in a large family, was the youngest of seven children. Her older brothers and sisters were at least ten years olden than she. Despite being small and shy, she acquired many responsibilities around the farm. Plowing, picking fruit and feeding the animals, Clara commonly cleaned around the farm. She even had a pet turkey, which is a difficult animal to tame. She became responsible for taking care of her frail brother, David when she was eleven years old. Although she attended public school, she was mostly homeschooled by her older siblings. Happily, she was very close with her father who truly loved to tell her war stories. A magnificent family raised Clara Barton.
When she was fifteen years old she curiously over heard her mother speaking with a close friend about Clara overcoming her shyness by becoming a teacher. Clara was very tiny for her age while the other girls look like giants compared to her. As her mother and sister searched for beautiful clothes and do her hair, she was thinking what she’d teach. Gracefully, she arrived at the school. It had one room not a limited of space. When she got inside, she was warned about the older mischievous boys that roamed the school. They were extremely difficult. …show more content…

Heroically, she was there to distribute supplies to France and Germany. When she returned home she came back with an Iron cross merit. Aside everything had to do, she was thinking about America needed the Red Cross. She was successful in 1881 when National Security organized the Red Cross. Clara founded the Red Cross. John D. Rockefeller gave money to the National security Head Quarters in Washington DC which was one block from the white house. Clara Barton was president for twenty-three years that gave her relief. She died in 1912 when she was 91 and buried in Oxford. Creating the Red Cross,

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