Bone Marrow Transplantation Case Study Essay

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In the case study (see appendix) there are two possible choices. First, Lucia can go for bone marrow transplantation. The bone marrow transplantation would mean exposing her to intensive chemotherapy, total body irradiation and put her in isolation after the transplant. She has second option to quit the transplant and can stay on palliative measures only. As a nurse I will ask the parents to think by considering their child’s values in this moment. I will ask them to think about option one which is transplantation. Would they think it is good for their child to go under this procedure in which there are only ten percent chances that the transplant will be effective? During the procedure, their child has to go under chemotherapy, radiation therapy and weeks of isolation and will that make their child happy? Now, think about second choice, which is free from pain and suffering. Now, see the comparison between two choices and what makes their child happy? The other health care providers such as doctors respect the decision of Lucia is consistent. The effect of first choice of transplantation will be weighted against effects of second choice of palliative measures. The first …show more content…

According to CNA code of ethics (CNA, 2008, p. 11), as a nurses I should identify and respect decision of my client. I should support person’s right to refuse for treatment. As in Lucia’s case, I will respect her decision to refuse consent for the transplantation. The parents are disagreeing with decision made by her and wanted to impose their wishes on her. In this case, I will help family to understand the person’s decision and I will meet family to answer their questions. As parents mentioned (see appendix) they want their child to be happy. I will make them understand that accepting the child’s wish is the way they can see their child

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