Book Report On A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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A Long Way Gone is the accurate adventure of Ishmael Beah, who becomes a soldier during a horrifying war in Sierra Leone. When Ishmael was twelve years old, his village got attacked while he was out with his friends for a rap music competition. After the village got attacked, he lost contact with his brother, mother and father; but one of his brother stayed with for a while finding food and shelter. Ishmael goal was to survive throughout the war, so he turned himself into a totally new person. Later on in the memoir, they named Ishmael the “killing machine” because he was so into violence and killing. The bad group he was with brainwashed him about his family and loved ones. He became addicted to cocaine, marijuana and brown brown which give him courage to fight and kill people without knowing it is wrong. Ishmael stayed with this bad group for a while; but later on his lieutenant gives Ishmael to the UNICEF. …show more content…

The nurse try’s to get Ishmael off drugs and she dose succeed in the end because she won Ishmael heart by giving him cassettes. After a while in the rehabilitation center, his uncle “tommy” from Freetown takes him to his house and keeps him there. His cousins treated him like he is their brother; Near the end of the memoir, Ishmael get invited to New york city where they talk about child solider stories; There he meets Laura, who is a storyteller and he just falls in loves with her stories, that he calls her his

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