Book Report On Night By Elie Wiesel

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Never Give Up

Troublesome times challenge us all, but we just work through it. Occasionally, you might feel the urge to give up, but you persist and get to see the reward on the other side. Eliezer Wiesel went through an extremely tough time in concentration camps ran by the Nazis. “Night” is the book that he wrote about his poignant experiences in the holocaust. Despite everything that happened to him, he survived to see freedom; a task that not many did.

Living a quiet and peaceful life, Elie’s town doesn’t see the Germans as a threat when they peacefully infiltrated their town. However, they began enforcing rules and move the Jews into ghettos. Eventually, they were herded up and transported in cattle cars to concentration camps, where for most, was their last destination. Written on page 29, Elie says, “I didn’t know that this was the moment in time and the place where I was leaving my mother and Tzipora forever.” Upon first arrival at the concentration camp, women and men are separated. Elie never was able to see his mother and youngest sister from that point on as they were brutally murdered by the Nazis. Despite how devastated he was, he never gave up on his journey to freedom alongside his father. …show more content…

Nazis wanted only those who were strong enough to do the work to reside in the concentration camps. Therefore, they did period selections to weed who they deemed too weak. Elie’s father was believed to be weak, hence he attended a second selection where he was allowed to live. “Were there still miracles on this Earth? He was alive. He had passed the second selection.”, said Elie on page 76. Worried and nervous, Elie thought he had lost his father and would be left on his own. Fortunately, his father passes the second selection and reunites with his son. Challenging events afflict Elie and his father constantly, yet, they don't let any stop

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