Book Review: HEAT By Mike Lupica

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The book that i read was “HEAT” by Mike Lupica. This book was basically about a 12 year old baseball player trying to make it big to the pros. I really like this book but it’s not the best book i ever read. 1-10 i rate this book a 8. One reason why i like this book is because when he got injured he kept trying to succeed. I like that he kept trying to push himself when he got hurt because he always followed his dream and made it. The 12 year old name was Michael Arroyo and since he was young he loved baseball. Michael had a pitching arm so nice that it threw heat. Michael was from Cuba and its sad that he only has his 17 year old brother to take care of him. Coaches from other teams always brag about Michael “says he 's too good to be 12”.

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