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As the saying goes, “Everyone is different,” from the way we think, to the way we act. Between the semi-rough pages of the book In The Heat of The Night by John Ball lies the process of punishing a criminal. The criminal who killed Wells’ very own Maestro Enrico Mantoli who was supposed to lead the city to fame, popularity, and money. However, nothing is harder in capturing the culprit than investigating the case. In a city suffering from a huge wave of racial issues, two opposing teams working on one case is not a very good idea. Especially when one party is an outsider, Virgil Tibbs, versing the city’s police force. First and foremost for a smooth investigation process on a murder case is always a good look on the body. Normally it would …show more content…

He walked around him twice. Once he reached out and carefully bent the dead man’s arm at the elbow, then he replaced it as it had been. Finally he squatted down and scrutinized the top of the man’s head where he had been struck. Then he rose once more to his feet. With a long arm and an almost accusing finger, he pointed “Virgil here woks for the Pasadena Police Department investigating homicides. He wants to look at the body, let him,” …show more content…

As a police force officer, it is expected of them to be a calm investigator like Virgil. Given that he is an expert and that he knows the ways of his job pretty well, he still did not go all arrogant and harsh about it like Gillespie. For example, on page 39, “Who the hell asked you to open you big black mouth.. If I want you to tell me anything, I’ll ask you,” (Ball). For the Chief of a whole city’s police force, an attitude like Gillespie towards Virgil, a colleague, is not acceptable. Implying that he wants everything to go his way considering that this is his first murder case and he does not know a lot about them, Gillespie does not deserve his title as Chief. Someone who can not deal with co workers properly obviously can not deal with something as big as a murder

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