Booker T Washington's Accomplishments

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Black American History had a major role in the development of the present day United States. Slavery was the foundation of the Confederate states economic growth. This essay will focus on Booker T. Washington a man born in Virginia as a slave and with dedication earned a decent education and processed to do good deeds with it. As a slave he would package salt and work in mines and was allowed to walk to school during his free time. Booker T. Washington's accomplishments were founding Tuskegee University and being the first African American to dine in the White House and publish more than forty books. In 1881 as a young teacher Washington visited Tuskegee, Alabama and was invited by local whites to start a school and was quite excited …show more content…

Washington and was invited by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1901, during segregation. The story goes that Booker T. Washington for a meeting then President Roosevelt hesitated to invite him to dinner and ashamed of hesitating he “hastened to send the invitation out before he could change his mind” (Davis). This occurred during segregation therefore, it became a national sensation since in the south inviting someone to dine meant accepting them into the family as a friend or a potential husband for their daughter. As simple as the act of dining in the White House this was one accomplishment for the African American community since it was one step closer to equality. The reader now knows that Booker T. Washington was someone who understood the importance of education but did not see shame in labor and was the first African American to dine in the White House .He also taught students in Tuskegee, Alabama skills that would later help them economically. His opinions and the way he executed his plans were criticized but in his perspective he meant no malice. Although this essay did not focus on the books he published, it is appropriate to remember that he was patience and persistence to write more than forty books which is an honorable mention and quite

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