Booker T. Washington's Argument Essay

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The late 1800s and early 1900s was a time of many different racial issues, this issue was not new to anyone, and it had been going on for several years and would continue to do so. However, during this time, there were many different African American’s that decided to take a stand, some with different views than others, which would result in some issues of agreement. Though there are differences, it seems the main objective of these different leaders, is to make life better, and create some type of equality among white and black Americans. So what were these black men and women’s claims and arguments, and did they really have a reason for these claims and arguments? Entering the first part of this document, one reads of a very famous women …show more content…

Washington’s promotion of accommodation. Washington was very much an advocate for peace among the white and black Americans, however, he promoted separation, he believed that a black individual could gain respect by working their way up the ladder, and bettering themselves ( Pompeian, September 10, 2014). Many African Americans were irritated with this view, and did not agree. They knew they were being treated unfairly but Washington truly believed that accommodation would one day eliminate the race issue (Pompeian, September 10, 2014). His opinion differed highly from Ida B. Wells opinion of self-defense, he stated “There is no defense or security for any of us except in the highest intelligence and development of all” (Major Problems in African American History, 160). Another group presented in this primary source, was the National Association of Colored Women, whom also had a similar view to Washington. They held a meeting in which they pledge and produced solutions to the rising issues. They did however, believe in being protected, and also believed in helping the young stay away from places where alcohol was served and from inappropriate literature. This is a view much like Booker T. Washington, if they better themselves they will be accepted and respected. Another group of men presented are the Niagara Men, who all though congratulate their fellow African Americans on the improvement they have made, they see that they are still treated very unfairly

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