Examples Of Discrimination In Frederick Douglass

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In document four it states in 1881 during the Reconstruction Period after the Republicans fall Frederick Douglass a civil rights activist was surprised to find a different type of prejudice and discrimination in the South. Douglass found that African Americans were still treated poorly with no real rights as if they were still slaves. They were not treated as equals to the whites who had once been there masters, even though they were newly freed slaves. The white man wanted to much power and no real change. They were still in charge and did not want to give up the power they had possessed. In the eyes of the whites the blacks were slaves and the wrongdoers. It was ok to treat them as criminals even if they were not. Douglass stated in the article, "Aside from the curious contrast to himself the white child feels nothing on the first sight of a colored man, Curiosity is the only feeling (11). To me Douglass said this line meaning the white man was born not knowing anything about disliking a colored person, this was something that was taught and planted into their minds and until the white man stops looking at color and come together with colored people. There will forever be prejudice and discrimination against coloreds. …show more content…

Washington gave his speech the Atlanta Compromise advising Blacks to basically not riot or go to more harsher lengths to gain equality whether it be socially or political wise. Washington felt if they worked hard and earned the respect of the whites they could gain the respect and full citizenship that they do not have yet. Washington basically felt if the African Americans took the more civilized route things could turn out better for them in the

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