Borax Lab Report

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In this lab experiment, I experimented with 2 different amount of borax (1g and 5g) to see if the amount of borax affects the bounce height of the ball. The ball is made up of polyvinyl acetate (school glue), borax and water. In the experiment the independent variable is borax and the dependent variable is the bounce height. I found out that borax has sort of a protective layer that creates the bounciness. Therefore, I hypothesized that the more borax that is used, it would be more bouncy, because there is more of a protective layer to it. My hypothesis was right, because the result that I got was an average bounce height is 39.8 cm for the 1g of borax and 46.6 cm for the 5 g of borax. The result shows the significant different between the 2 different amount of borax added to the ball. Even though some of my trials are a little off, my average bounce height in cm is around the range of the more precise average which is the grade’s average and class’ average. …show more content…

All of the average is around the same range, but the grade average is more precise since there was a total of 190 trials for each. In both of the average it is consists of the same factors such as the units, drop height, and the quantities. Even though the averages are pretty accurate, there are factors can have gone wrong while conducting some the

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