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  • Standard Deviation Definition

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    Standard deviation is one of three measures of dispersion.  Standard deviation is a very difficult and complex measure of dispersion.  Standard deviation is a measure of the spread or variability of scores within a set of data. The standard of deviation is used to quantify the amount of the dispersion or variation of a set of data values.  Standard deviation measures ordinal, interval and ratio variables.  The standard deviation “provides a sort of average of the differences of all scores from the

  • Frequency Table Analysis

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    Standard Deviation Standard deviation is the most commonly used measure of dispersion which is all about the measure of spread of data about the mean. In a simple term, standard deviation is a square root of variance. Mathematically, Standard deviation (s) = √∑ (x - x̅)2 / (n – 1) For example: the salaries of five randomly selected people of Kathmandu are $10,000, $15,000, $15,000, $20,000 and $25,000. From the above calculation, Variance = 26000,000 Now, Standard deviation = √variance

  • Binomial Distribution Case Study

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    with parameter β =1/6. What is the probability of waiting more than 15 minutes between any two successive calls? Question 17: The lifetime, in weeks, of a certain type of transistor is known to follow a gamma distribution with mean 10 weeks and standard deviation √50

  • Logical Reasoning Theory

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    ontology. 16 syllogisms were presented, half correct and half incorrect, participants were asked to score each syllogism as valid or invalid Within the design, there were 163 participants, the average age being 22 years and 8 months with a standard deviation of 6 years and 6 months This experiment used a ‘Within, repeated measures design’ 2 way Anova with 2 factors; validity and ontology and 2 levels; correct and incorrect. The aim was to examine whether people become more prone

  • Common Statistical Population

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    drawn from the sample are applicable to entire population group. Various samples can be selected from a particular population based on different characteristics. Samples are used to determine population parameters like proportion, mean, standard deviation, standard error etc. and also to test the hypothesis. Various sampling techniques are used for selection of samples such as Simple Random Sampling Systematic Random Sampling Cluster Sampling techniques Stratified Sampling techniques Multistage

  • SAT Verbal Test

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    Application: 1. Find the area under the standard normal curve between z = 0 and z = 1.65. Answer: The value 1.65 may be written as 1.6 to .05, and by locating 1.6 under the column labeled z in the standard normal distribution table (Appendix 2) and then moving to the right of 1.6 until you come under the .05 column, you find the area .450 . This area is expressed as 2. Find the area under the standard normal curve between z = -1.65 and z = 0. Answer: The area may

  • Bottling Company Case Study Summary

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    For tests about one mean , when the population standard deviation s is known, we use s when calculating the test statistic. (for population standard deviation), , (for sample standard deviation), the equations above are called the z scores. Therefore in our case we use . Hence for bottle 19, , = 0.346. Using Moore’s table the p-value = 1, and significant level = 0.1

  • Describe And Evaluate Two Definitions Of Abnormality Essay

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    through statistics, we can also define what is abnormal. For instance, it is seen as abnormal for a first-time mother to be over the age of 40 or under the age of 20. Another way we can define abnormality is as deviation from social norms. Social norms are created by a society and are standards of acceptable behaviour. People in that society who go against these norms are classed as abnormal. For example, one social norm of a society may be politeness, and if people are rude,

  • The Importance Of Statistics In Statistics

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    It is qualitative expressions like young, old, good, bad can 't recognized. It might be affected by large number of factors. For instance, Prices increase or decrease would affected by conditions of demand. Statistics is a way which is reasonable standard of accuracy in enumeration, estimation or collection. For accuracy and reliability of data should be systematic manner collected with some predetermined purpose after collection data must motive to compare. (Akbhanj, 2013) Statistics is one collection

  • The Importance Of Statistics

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    range defined as the different between the upper and lower quartiles. ( Appendix 9). Semi Interquartile range(SIR) called Quartile deviation defined as the difference between first and third quartiles and divided by two (Appendix 10) SIR is often used with skewed data as it is insensitive to the extreme scores. (Appendix 11). . (DrZahid Khan, 2014) Mean deviation is measures the average distance of each observation away from the mean of the data like gives an equal weight to each observation

  • Acid-Base Titration Experiment

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    deionized water was added to the 500 mL plastic bottle. The lid was secured over the bottle and the contents were then shaken thoroughly. A piece of tape was placed onto the bottle with the groups names, and space for the concentration of NaOH and standard deviation to be written at the end of the experiment. After 0.1 M NaOH solution was prepared, the next step is to standardize the NaOH solution by using titration. To begin, a buret was cleaned with soap and deionized water to insure that there was

  • Zong Telecom Industry Case Study

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    resources, equipment and space which allows the firm to take more benefits through extra ordinary performance 2.1200 1.13641 50 In the above given table the mean value ofHorizontal integration strategy leed to increase revenue is 2.1200 and standard deviation .98229 which indicates that most of the respondents agree that Horizontal integration strategy has leed to increase revenue. The value of Horizontal integration strategy Leeds to increase market share with mean 2.1200 and s.d 1.00285 means that

  • Family Environment And Forgiveness Essay

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    ANALYSIS OF RESULT The aim of the research was to study the difference between Family Environment and Forgiveness among adolescents. The study was conducted on 100 adolescents (50 Male and 50 Female) in age range of 12 to 18. Two scales namely Family Environment Scale (Rudolf H. Moos and Bernice S. Moos, Indian adaptation by Sanjay Vohra.) and The Heartland Forgiveness Scale (Laura Y. Thompson and C.R. Synder) were used to collect data. The results of the study are listed below. Section 1 Demographic

  • Zipf's Law Case Study

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    derived by R=αBS^(-α-1) and indicates the number of cities with a probability X=x. In case of a perfect rank-size distribution in accordance to Zipf, the exponent is in each case the same (both -1) just as the constants are identical B=C, while deviations from the expected exponent tend into the opposite direction, just depending on the distribution form selected. The derivation of Zipf’s law for cities

  • Literature Review On Intelligence Quotient

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    Intelligenz- long-term business, his tenure as a method of intelligence test scores, he advocated in the 1912 book (Stern, 1914). When developing the current IQ test, the average raw scores leveled sample is defined as IQ 100 and the score for each standard deviation (SD) up or down is defined to be greater than or less than 15 IQ points (Gottfredson, 2009). According to this definition, approximately two-thirds of the population is having scores between IQ 85 and IQ 115. Only 5% of the population scores

  • The Simple Linear Model (SLM)

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    37 The Simple Linear Model (SLM) The SLM assumes a linear equation describes the conversion of total precipitation and total flow. The model was simply developed for the comparisons of models. When the precipitation and flow are in the same unit, the total of the discrete pulse response ordinates explains the gain factor G of the model as follows: G = ∑_(i=1)^m▒h_i^' .............................................................................3.47 Here, the gain factor (G) is the runoff coefficient

  • Harumanis Mango Case Study

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    CHAPTER 4 RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS 4.1 Introduction This chapter presents and discuss all results obtained from this project. A total of 50 Harumanis Mango from Harumanis Greenhouse in, Kangar, Perlis were used and the weight of the Harumanis Mango were monitored and analysed from 30 DAFB to 94 DAFB. The growth of Harumanis Mango was measured in three interval days which were 3, 5 and 10 days interval. The relationship of the DAFB and the weight of the Harumanis Mango was plotted using MATLAB

  • Essay On Class Size

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    Class Size is a Major Factor in Contributing to Academic Success In today’s modern era, education plays a vital role in our lives. It is an important factor in bringing a prosperous change in a society. Getting education can help you in turning your dreams into reality, having a happy life and career, and making a safe environment for yourself and others to live. Therefore, many countries attempt to establish an efficient education system in order to have a better outcome for their students. There

  • The Pros And Cons Of Movies

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    When you start talking about film genres so many kinds come to the mind such as, comedy, action, romantic, fantasy, animated, drama, and horror. In some countries the production of movies might be based on the culture, environment and society of the country. To specify more, a country like Egypt sometimes produces movies either related to the suffering of poor people, economic problems or to crimes that have happened in the past years, which reflects the lifestyle that some Egyptians are living.

  • Mother Nature In Kalidasa's The Abhigyanshakuntalam And The Tempest

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    The Abhigyanshakuntalam and The Tempest are beautiful expressions of two of the greatest dramatists i.e. Shakespeare and Kalidasa respectively. In both, there is harmony of mother nature and human nature. Nature provides the background for both the plays. Heroines in both the plays are essentially the children of nature. Shakuntala, the heroine in Kalidasa’s The Abhigyanshakuntalam , is beautiful as blossoming flower, nimble as a deer, happy as the dew-washed leaves of the forest. Similarly, Miranda