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The Boston Red Sox are a professional baseball team in the United States. Fenway Park is home to the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have won eight World Series titles and thirteen American League pennants (¨Boston Red Sox | American Baseball Team¨). The Boston Red Sox also are huge rivals of the New York Yankees. Fenway Park is the oldest MLB stadium in the MLB. The Park is also home to many neat features. The Boston Red Sox are one of the coolest team in baseball, from so many successes, to the neat features at Fenway Park, and to how much they have evolved over time. The Boston Red Sox have had a lot of successes since they became a ball club in 1901. Their first World Series was in 1903. In 1909 the Boston Red Sox had a record winning percentage …show more content…

It started in 1901 when the Red Sox were founded. Over the years the Red Sox have changed their names four times. In 1903 the Red Sox claimed their first World Series win. The 1920 team changed dramatically. Babe Ruth was sold to the rival New York Yankees. From 1918 to 2004 the Red Sox were unable to win the World Series going to it four times and losing every time in the seventh and final game. “Finally in 2004, the Red Sox emerged triumphant after 86 years of frustration, winning the World Series in four games against the St. Louis Cardinals” ("Boston Red Sox | American Baseball Team").The Red Sox also have lost two tiebreaking pennants that were both played at Fenway. In May of 1999, the CEO of the Red Sox released news about a new Fenway Park (Fenway Park). The Red Sox original name was the Boston Red Stockings. Another way the Red Sox evolved was that “In 2016 a rebuilt Red Sox team returned to the postseason by winning the division title” ("Boston Red Sox | American Baseball Team"). In 2013 the Red Sox posted an AL-best 97 wins with a return to the World Series. When the Boston Red Stockings were created, they were one of eight charter members of the American League. Also, “In 2016 a rebuilt Red Sox team returned to the postseason by winning a division title” ("Boston Red Sox | American Baseball

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