Boston Tea Act Research Paper

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The Tea Act sparked the final revolutionary movement in Boston. A company from East India, burdened with eighteen million pounds of unsold tea. The tea was shipped directly to the colonies, and to be sold at a bargain price. The Townshend duties were still in place, however, the radical leaders in America found reason to believe that this act was a plot to buy popular support for the taxes already in force. A lot of events led up to this act. For example, the Boston Massacre, The Quartering Act, The French and Indian War, and the 1765 Stamp Act, are all events that led up to the Boston Tea Party. There are other acts involved with the cause of the Boston Tea Party. The Tea Act was a key event as well. The Tea Act was the final straw in a series of unpopular …show more content…

The following year, the Stamp Act was passed. All official documents and papers were required to have an official stamp. The colonists were outraged. They complained that because of their distance from England, they were receiving inadequate representation in Parliament. They had not agreed to have these new taxes placed on their colonies. Parliament then offered a monopoly on tea importation to the colonies to the East India Company, who in turn raised their price on tea. The tea sold in the colonies wouldn't have a tax any more, instead it would be taxed at each individual port, and agents were appointed to receive and sell the tea and pay the tax. This was the Tea Act, passed by the British parliament on May 10, 1773. The biggest shipment arrived in Griffin's wharf, in Boston on or just before November 29, 1773. There was a meeting of the citizens of the county of Suffolk. At that meeting a committee was appointed to wait on Governor Hutchinson, and request him to inform them whether he would take any measures to satisfy the people on the object of the meeting. The Governor promised an answer by 5 pm, but when the appointed time came, the committee met at the Governor's house, and

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