The Boston Tea Party: A Revolutionary Revolution

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The Boston Tea Party was an important historical event that occurred due to tensions over authority between the British and American colonists that led up to the Revolutionary War, which enabled the Americans living in the colonies to gain independence from England once and for all. This revolutionary event was an effort by Bostonians to get England to understand the colonists did not want to be taxed by the English parliament anymore without having to get violent. The Boston Tea Party was not an act of terrorism, it was simply a revolutionary rebellion against the Tea Act enforced by England’s parliament. The only “violent” act the people of Boston did was dump the British tea into the Boston harbor. The Bostonians did not even use their weapons used to break the crates of the tea to harm any of the other people residing in Boston. The colonists of Boston came to the conclusion that they needed to do something about the taxes placed upon them without their consent; so the settlers had a meeting a day before the Boston Tea Party was initiated to figure out a way to resolve their issue. “On the day preceding the seventeenth, there was a meeting of the citizens of the county of Suffolk, convened at one of the churches in Boston,…show more content…
The revolt by the people of Boston was how they were going to justify their opinion of the British Tea Act and how the American colonists were going to clarify their message of “no taxation without representation” to the British. If the Boston Tea Party had not occurred the colonists would not have taken a step forward into separating themselves from England, which led to the Declaration of Independence. Because of the Boston Tea Party we have freedom without being oppressed by another
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