Brave New World Comparison

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A Brave New World a book written over 80 years ago that so scarily predicted the future and the world we live in today. Brave New World is a book written by Aldous Huxley back in 1931 and published in 1932 foreseeing the dystopian future of 2540 AD and what it would look like. In this essay I will be showing the parallels between the book/movie with the world now, and seeing what was predicted that has came true. In the first paragraph I will be writing about the similarities of the two worlds, in the second I will be writing about the differences, and then finally the conclusion. It is truly amazing the things Aldous Huxley was able to predict, just to name a few we live in a society where their are powerful handheld electronics, society being very sexualized, children being conditioned at birth, and possibly his biggest prediction was the use of propaganda. Propaganda was a big thing in the book and it is in our world. “Propaganda in a Democratic Society” which appears in …show more content…

The use of soma for instance, which in the book was a very socially accepted drug that made everybody happy and took all the pain and stress away, while their are things like this now in our world it defiantly isn't very socially acceptable to be taking drugs like this in public and even prescribed medicine is in a way taboo in our society. The idea that everybody belongs to everybody and the promiscuous attitudes or the people was a big part of Brave New World but in our society this is definitely not the case and is seen as a very terrible thing to do. All and all Brave New World is a great book and a must read, it's truly astounding how well Aldous Huxley was able to predict our world today but also at the same time very scary. We as - - people need to stay very vigilant and remember to always ask the question “why” as to not become slaves to what we’re being told by the media and other large

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