Brief Summary Of The Hate You Give By Angie Thomas

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I read the book, “The Hate You Give”, by Angie Thomas. This book is about a sixteen year old African American girl named Starr Carter who moves between two worlds: Garden Heights, her neighborhood prone to gang violence where she was born and raised and the suburban school, Williamson Prep, which she attends as only one of a handful of black kids. The uneasy balance between them is made more complicated when she confronts the exact situation her father warned her about her entire life. Starr unwillingly becomes the only witness to the fatal shooting of her best friend, Khalil, by a police officer. She wants to use her voice on behalf of justice for Khalil, but what she does or does not say could upend her community and endanger her family. In this paper, I will be questioning why is was crucial for Starr to …show more content…

A few days after Khalil’s death, Starr states, “Nobody mentioned Khalil at school today...I'm relieved.” (84) Starr didn’t want to have to talk about Khalil at school because she would then be forced to stand out in the eyes of her Williamson classmates, which was the last thing she needed.The second reason Starr doesn’t want to talk about Khalil’s death is because of her racist friend and classmates. Sadly, even today some people still classify African Americans as a threat to society and designate them to a specific economic and social categories. Unfortunately, Starr has a friend that contributes to the categorization of African Americans and different races than her own. Specifically, Hailey, she lives in the suburbs and attends Williamson with Starr. Hailey tends to be inconsiderate and exhibits racism. Starr was very hurt by Hailey’s racist fried chicken comment. In a game of basketball, Hailey yells out, “Hustle Starr! Pretend the ball is fried chicken. I bet you'll stay on

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