Holler If You Can Hear Me

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An important point I learned after reading Holler if You Can Hear Me by Gregory Michie is that teachers should care about their students because students will learn more if they know you care and then they will care to learn . Mr. Mitchie believes his students don’t care enough to learn about sexism, but the truth was that they were tired of spending 2 weeks on the same lesson. Mr. Mitchie will then get angry at his class and tell them that if they didn’t care to learn then he wouldn’t make them. In another instant a teacher named Miss. Reilly was tired of her class not listening to her that she threatened to quit, but a student named Samuel wrote her a letter and told her not quit. In another instant Mr. Shepherd was always …show more content…

In this chapter a student named Reggie was being bullied because he was the only African American in the class; he felt like he didn’t belong in the school. One day Reggie was standing with a group of his classmates, when two police officers come to him and starts verbally and physically abusing him. The other students try to help, but they couldn’t, the assault stops when Reggie runs home. This injustice unified the school, everyone knew that Reggie didn’t deserve what happened to him and they wanted to help him get justices. Reggie and his parents did press charges and with the help of his classmates and community he was able to receive some justices. Police brutality is becoming a common occurrence in today’s society, but we have to fight back against injustices. I really enjoyed this chapter because even though Reggie’s classmates didn’t like him at first they all tried to help him when he needed it. This just proves that we can all fight together in hopes to receive

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