Brief Summary Of The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connel

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The story “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connel is about a big game hunter named Rainsford. He falls out of his ship and can’t swim back. Since there was no way to swim back he had to swim to the fabled “cursed island” where sailors and ships were said to disappear and never come back. As he was swimming, he heard gunshots and a loud, painful, screech, which is forshadowing that is to come. When he gets to the island, he meets General Zaroff, who greets him whole heartily since he recognizes Rainsford as a big game hunter from books he has read. Since Rainsford was someone he recognized, Zaroff invites him in and provides clothing, food, and shelter . After Rainsford got settled in, Zaroff explains how he has hunted every big game animal …show more content…

Saying that he doesn’t condone cold-blooded murder even though he spent time in the war. Zaroff tried to explain that life is for the strong, and if needed to be, should be taken by the strong. In which, Rainsford argues by saying they are men, not animals to be hunted as game and that it was uncivilized. The two quarreled for a bit until Zaroff “invites” Rainsford to go hunting with him. But by Invites, Zaroff meant either be hunted or be slaughtered by His assistant, Ivan.

Many people would say that Richard Connel made the setting an island because it was the perfect place for Rainsford to turn. The island gives a sense of isolation to Rainsford and reminds the reader on how Rainsford is stuck in this situation and can't really escape. the isolation reminds the reader of how much danger the main character is truly in and how danger could be lurking behind every corner. This gives Rainsford more of a reason to come back and kill …show more content…

At first, the conflict starts out when Zaroff brings up the hunt and “invites” Rainsford. then it grows rapidly during the hunt such as when Zaroff is tracking and lets Rainsford go. The story continues to more and more tense as it progresses. This conflict continues on to when Rainsford accidentally kills Ivan and jumps into the ocean. This is when many readers are on the edge of their seat. This clash seemingly stops with Rainsford jumping through the window. Since Zaroff thought he was gone, he just went home to eat and go to sleep. This ends completely when Rainsford jumps through the window, ruthlessly killing Zaroff without any remorse. After Rainsford kills our antagonist he sleeps peacefully in his bed like nothing had ever happened

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