British Dbq Analysis

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The british were a force to reckon with, they were the top of the food chain, raining for one-hundred years, destroying powerful nations. A group of farmers, a brewer, and some people who wanted change didn’t seem like they would be any match to the British. A group of people fighting for a cause they believe in is stronger than people fighting for a king. The British brought their own demise by putting tighter and tighter control that led to a revolution in colonial America. The British believed that the colonist owed them for the protection they gave them, figuring obedience should be returned, (document one). George Grenville, a member of the parliament, thought that if Great Britain protects America then America is bound to give obedience, stating that America never was emancipated. Americans were always ready to …show more content…

Some of the taxes that were implemented onto the Americans were the Sugar and Stamp act, Navigation act, Wool act, Hat act, the Proclamation of 1763, the Quartering Act, Townshend Acts, and the Coercive Intolerable Acts, (Document Five). Each one of these added more stress on the colonist persuading their final decision of starting a revolution. Not only did the taxes install hatred into the colonist but also events and actions that the British did harmed their cause. Those events included; the boston massacre, the French Indian war, Boston Tea Party, and many more, (Document four) As seen the British lead themselves onto the wrong path by trying to tighten their grip on the colonist but ended up hurting themselves when their actions added more fuel to the Americans fire. The taxes and events that took place because of the British trying to make things better ended into the beautiful land of America we live in today. These events and taxes the British brought put up caused their own demise, putting tighter and tighter control that led to a revolution in colonial

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