Bryon Case Study Examples

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Abstract Observation in the case of Bryon has been occurring over the last 26 months. Observation has occurred in the context of Bryon and a licensed counselor. Bryon appears to be physically, emotionally, and mentally in less than favorable health, and reports poor decision making skills, low self-image, as well as prior and current addiction to drugs, alcohol, and sex. He has failed to thrive in many of the areas that most adults find success and reports that although he feels he battles with obsessive compulsive disorder, he also finds himself suffering from hoarding symptoms. The following case study will discuss Bryon and his struggles to function in day to day life as well as where there may be additional psychological issues in his later years due to his OCD and Hoarding tendencies as well as the link between these issues and his addiction. Bryon A Case Study in Mid-Adulthood …show more content…

The home is approximately 1350 sq. feet and includes two bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, bathroom and common living space. The dwelling is located inside of an apartment community, with neighbors both above, below, and surrounding his home. The home contains many cats, birds and fish. His girlfriend works in the medical field and is currently listed as a felon due to previous issues with the legal department due to theft from an elderly family member. Bryon reports that his girlfriend also struggles with addiction issues and low self-esteem from prior abusive

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