Bubonic Plague In Victorian Britain

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Rats, roaming the streets, full of gutter and trash, the rats had fleas that were like they were trapped and trying to become free, but it was pretty easy to do so. The fleas would jump off the rats onto humans, causing people 's skin to turn blacker than the sky at night; people were dying numerously, it was said at the time that it was caused by bad smell, and cured by bathing, but it wasn’t. Not only did people at the time have what was known as “ The black plague” but on top of that children were getting chicken pox and dying, cholera which also people thought at the time was from bad smell, but was actually the disgusting, used, water people would drink. It was awful to have a disease in Victorian Britain. Diseases in Victorian Britain and what the diseases were, how they were thought to be cured, how they actually were cured, and how it was like for people who had the disease is what I am talking about.

The black plague was caused by fleas carried by rats that would go into the human skin that would cause humans skin to turn black and sometimes cause people to die. Bubonic plague (black plague) causes the skin and flesh to die and turn black. During the time of the black plague, also known as the black death or bubonic plague, it was one of the most devastating time ever and it caused millions to die.
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Secondly, another major disease in Victorian Britain was the Bubonic plague, also known as the Black death and Black plague, it was caused by rodents (mostly rats) carried by fleas, the disease once again became popular because no one knew how to cure it. Lastly, the disease known as Chickenpox was popular in
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