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1. The Great Famine was when it caused millions of deaths due to severe weather. Storms brought rain which ruined the wheat, crops, oat which people and animals almost everywhere depended to live. It’s impact on the medieval society was that more people were getting diesease as they wouldn't take in a lot of calories especially for the young kids, and the elderly. Working people, not eating much had less energy which meant lower productivity, output and higher grain prices since the amount was decreasing. With years much of the population was dying.

2. The symptoms of the Bubonic Plague or known as the Black Death killed many people as it started to spread around Europe. The plague lived in the stomach of the flea which rats had and …show more content…

The Plague had many consequences as one of them was losing a lot of the population but it also had many social and economic consequences. Some of the social consequences were that people abandoned their families and friends, left cities, and blocked themseleves from everyone else. People started to lose their faith in their religion because of the prayers to prevent sickness and death. Apart from having social consequences, there were also many economic consequences. A main economic consequence was inflation. Since it was so difficult to produce goods or trade them the price rose very high. Due to the plague, many people died which meant that the wages for the people who were alive increased and many of them were wanted that they weren't subjected to only one lord. The lords tried to mostly go at the peasants as they would give them a reasonable wage and this way the lord was also able to keep them working for …show more content…

Joan of Arc had an important role in the Hundred Years’ War for a French peasant girl who basically led France to its victory, and was able to save the monarchy. During her teenage years, Joan started to hear voices, which she claimed to be the voices of Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret. Later on, those voices spoke to her telling her that the dauphin had to be crowned and that the English had to be expelled from France. She had many obstacles in the way but in the end they were convinced. The French believed her, because the court believed that only a miracle could save the country. To do this she had to cut her hair, and pretend to be a man because only men were able to have a place in the court. Charles believed so much in this “miracle” that he let her come to the army base, but the problem was she didn’t know much about warfare. Due to her the English had weakened by disease and the lack of war supplies that they withdrew from Orleans. Ten days later Charles VII was crowned king at Reins. Joan was captured by one of the English allies which later was sold to the English. She was said to be a heretic and in contact with the Devil which is why she was hearing voices. Joan of the Arc was eliminated, but later was revered as the second patron saint of

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