Can The Law Make Us Be Decent?

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With the growth of society and the fast pace of everyday life, people had slowly forgotten their sympathy and ethical responsibility. In the “Can The Law Make Us Be Decent?” contributed by Jay Sterling Silver, he expresses his feeling of irritation how people goes unpunished even though they stood by to watch people dying. People should be punished for ignoring others in need of help because it’s inhumane. People should be penalized for overlooked the troubled one because they didn’t support those in need even though they have the ability to help. In the article, “If Decency Doesn’t, Law Should Make Us Samaritans” written by Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom is about the car crash of Princess Diana. They commented on the topic of “the paparazzi stood by and snapped photos while princess Diana and her companions were bleeding, injured, and dying” in 1997 (Allred and Bloom 1). Just because one does not directly kill a person, it does not mean they’re not a murderer. If the paparazzi would’ve called for emergency, Princess Diana wouldn 't have to suffer death. Isabelle Allende describe the ignorance of the reporters in the short story “And Of Clay We Created”. She illustrate the picture of the reporter team returned with expensive “sound …show more content…

However, the “Good Samaritans law” does not require one to attend the matter that is out of their ability and knowledge, but call for professional help instead. As supported by Allred and Bloom that “while the untrained should not attempt medical assistance, it takes so little time and effort to phone parametric.” The technology had developed to the point where each and every person had a cellphone with them and could call for emergency with just a few click. Also, just like how Silver said, “it could simply require warning someone of imminent danger or calling 911” (Silver 1) Therefore, making an excuse that they could do nothing is

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