Canadian Landscape Influence On Tom Thompson's Work

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Tom Thompson is a very iconic Canadian Artist, throughout his years he has many things impact and influence his style and work. He mainly sketched the images he saw and then painted them with Oil on Canvas. Thomson was born August 5th, 1877 in Claremont Ontario. He grew up on a farm in Leith, Owen Sound. He always interested in drawing and painting. Thompson really appreciated the outdoors and loved fishing which leaded him to some of his exploration around Canoe Lake and Algonquin park. A fishing trip in 1917 lead to his death, his body was found 8 days later and recorded as accidental drowning which still remains one of the biggest Canadian mysteries. His influences Included Canadian Landscapes. Another significant influence is his peers. Another Influence that impacted his work was his Family. …show more content…

His most popular Canadian landscape influence is Algonquin Park. It is stated that “Thomson’s home base when he visited Algonquin was Mowat Lodge, a small hotel in the tiny community of Mowat at the north end of Canoe Lake” ( Thompson was very intrigued by the rich colors the trees had and how beautiful the scenario was. Tom Thompson spent 3 years as a guide and fire rangers at Algonquin Park during the summers. This allowed him to spend spring and fall creating drawings of the beautiful surroundings. It is said that “Art historians have noted that Thomson paintings from this period show the artist’s appreciation of the rugged beauty of Algonquin Park.” Tom Thompson had a great unique bold style with a great use of color that made his images painted stand out. Georgian Bay was also another Canadian landscape that influenced Tom Thompson’s

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