Cantwell V Connecticut Case Study

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I A. B. Cantwell v Connecticut (1940) D. Jesse Cantwell and his son going door to door in their neighborhood talking badly to people about the religion of catholicism which lead to two people becoming angry. This leads to the Cantwells being arrested for breaking a local ordinance that requires a permit for solicitation and also for encouraging an infraction of the peace E. Were the Cantwells first amendment free speech rights violated when they were religious views were suppressed and did they encourage an infraction of the peace or not. F.The court ruled that you could restrict general solicitation but you could not put limitation based on religion and that if you did so it would be trying to silence someone's views. G.The significance of Cantwell v. Connecticut is it established the precedent that talking about religion to people even while going door to door is protected by your first amendment right to freedom of speech and can not be limited like general solicitations can be. Everson v. Board of Education C.Everson v. Board of education (1947) D.The New Jersey law gave opportunities for repayments of money to the parents of children who went to school on buses from the public transportation system including kids who studied at Catholic schools. E. Did the New …show more content…

This case involved two native americans who were employed as counselors at a private drug rehabilitation association consumed peyote, a strong hallucinogen, in religious gatherings at a native american church. The counselors then were fired due to consuming the peyote and then filed a claim for unemployment compensation. The counselors were denied compensation by the government because they were fired for work related misconduct and they also lost the case in state court. Then the case went to the supreme court returned the case back to the oregon courts to figure out if the drug law in oregon disallowed the use of illegal drugs for religious reasons and if it breached the free exercise

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