Capital Punishment In Young Scouts

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One of the issues that is in young scouts life. she doesn 't understand the Capital Punishment towards African Americans.

Back in Colonial America the death penalty was used for many reasons. It was influenced by Europe because that 's where the pilgrims came from. You could be sentenced to death for stealing chickens, being a spy for Spain, and trading with Indians. Every colony was different from using it. Though capital punishment was never completely outlawed. It is at all time low of 42%.

In America 31 states still to this day have the death penalty in use. Most of the states that condone the punishment use it on 1st degree murder. Others use the death penalty for rapists and child kidnappers in which the victim ends up dead. 19 states abolished death sentence in recent years, like New …show more content…

Now a days 98% of the death penalty is associated with white people. While only 2% percent is involve with black people. Back in scouts time those numbers were flipped. This disproportion shows that black people are not as crazy as white people. On top of that the crimes that whites commit are not similar in any way to those of African Americans.

In To Kill A Mockingbird the death penalty is sentenced to Tom Robinson. He is accused of raping the plantations daughter. There is clear evidence that he did not do it, the case is held in a courthouse where the jury and judge are racist. With that being said only Atticus is Tom 's only chance of winning. Atticus is not racist and wants to win. But the jury concludes that Tom is guilty. In scouts eyes even if there 's a clear reason not to do something people still did it cause of their

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