Case Study: San Antonio Independent School District Vs. Rodriguez

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San Antonio Independent School District VS Demetrio P Rodriguez was a case in which the supreme court of the United States held that San Antonio Independent School District financing system ,which was based on local property taxes was not an unconstitutional violation of the fourteenth amendment’s equal protection clause. Lawsuit was argued October 12,1972 and decided March 21,1973, the District Court it was brought by members of the Edgewood concerned parent association representing their children .The suit was filed on June 30, 1968 in the federal district court for the Western District of Texas in the initial complaint, the parents sued San Antonio ISD, Alamo Heights ISD and fIve other school districts, the Bexar County School trustees …show more content…

Edgewood has a 32% drop out rate which is really high compared to other districts.Demetrio Rodriguez Born into a migrant farm-working family, a Mexican American who moved from a rural area to the city of San Antonio for better education he was 87 when he died from Parkinson's disease.The school district in his area had a minor education the difference of the quality was due to property tax values.He reached out to Arthur Gochman a lawyer -businessman who battled for equitable funding for poor schools and parlayed six Houston military surplus stores and he died of a heart attack on Monday and he was 79.Rodriguez was one of 16 Edgewood Independent School District parents who were the original plaintiffs. They had organized a series of walkouts focused attention on inadequate facilities, supplies and even books at the property.The San Antonio Independent School District acting on behalf of students whose families reside in poor districts, challenged the funding by arguing that underprivileged students schools lacked the property tax base that other districts

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